About Us



Works with the IRS and U.S. Treasury to improve oversight regulations and audit policy for the HTC. This committee also tracks court decisions and has provided amicus brief assistance to taxpayers in key tax and appellate court cases.


Coordinates with the National Park Service to improve the application and appeals process, track program outcomes and suggest updates to regulations.


Oversees governance, corporate maintenance, budgeting, and financial reporting for the HTCC.


Works with Congress to clarify Congressional intent for historic property easements and find a valuation methodology that can be respected by the IRS.


Provides a forum for investors to discuss issues pertaining to the HTC.

Legislation Committee

Responsible for reevaluating the legislation’s current provisions and looking to make changes to the federal Historic Tax Credit in the 115th Congress.

State Credits

Discusses and responds to any relevant issues concerning state historic tax credits.


Organizes advocacy efforts to promote legislation on Capitol Hill that improves and preserves the federal Historic Tax Credit program.