HTCC Projects Map

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HTCC PolicyMap Instructions

Welcome to the Historic Tax Credit Coalition’s federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) online mapping tool. Note the map of the United States above – the orange diamond-shaped icons depict HTC projects that received part 3 certification from the National Park Service between FY 2002 and FY 2011.

To view the map on micro levels including specific street addresses or more general regions such as cities, counties, states, congressional districts, census tracts, etc., click the appropriate tab at the top of the map next to “set location”. Once you’ve selected the parameters from the tabs or entered a specific location in the box underneath the tabs next to the magnifying glass icon, click “GO” and the map will zoom in and display an orange line depicting the boundary of your selected parameter.

Use the zoom bar in the upper left of the map to adjust your view, and use your mouse to freely click and drag your way around within the map.

If you would like to filter the HTC projects by year and cost, find the legend box titled “Sites” next to the zoom bar and mouse over the double arrow to select the criteria.

You can save and print your customized maps by clicking the orange “Print” button below the map at the bottom left.

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